p1020138_1.jpgSelling your gown with Bliss Studio couldn't be easier. 

First of all we would ask that you contact us with the name of the designer and model of the gown so we can determine whether it's a style that's currently selling well.  If you don't have those details, simply send us a few photos of the gown - wedding photos are fine.  If you can also let us know what colour the gown is, what size, what condition it's in and what alterations you've had, particularly to the length, that would be ideal.

If we are able to take the gown for you, we can then arrange a time for you to bring it in (or post it in if it's easier) and together we'll set a resale price.  This is usually around 50-60% of the original retail price.  When the gown sells, you'll receive 60% of the agreed Bliss resale price.

In general, gowns should be no more than two years old and in good condition (although we will occasionally accept an older style if it hasn't noticeably dated).  If your gown hasn't already been cleaned, we can arrange this for you at a very competitive price (non-silk gowns only).  We can also resell your accessories for you if they are in good condition.

 Please note:  we do not accept bridesmaids' dresses or Mother of the Bride outfits.