How to Choose a Bridal Gown

p1020139.jpgKnow (and accept!) your own body shape

You may already have quite a defined idea of what kind of wedding dress you want, but try to be flexible.  That floaty Guinevere number might not just be the best gown to flatter your body shape.  Try on lots of different styles – you may be surprised what suits you best!

Many brides plan on losing lots of weight for their wedding.  Some do but many don’t.  Don't try to shoehorn yourself into a dress which might flatter the size you aim to be. If you buy a  dress that flatters the shape you already are, it can only look better if you’re a few pounds lighter!   If you do lose a few pounds with all the running around, most bridal gowns can easily be altered.

Bring someone whose opinion you trust

It can be fun to have a huge entourage to help you choose the dress.  But make sure your own thoughts and opinions aren’t drowned out by those of your friends and family.  They may not all necessarily agree!  Bring one or two trusted friends or relatives who know you well and understand what sort of event you’re planning.  If you’re unsure, Bliss staff will be happy to give you unbiased and considered advice.

If you’re making a day of it, you can easily get confused by the number of dresses you’ve tried on.  Get friends to take notes about the models you’ve tried on and what sort of features you did and didn’t like. You’ll very quickly see patterns which help you establish the right kind of dress for you.

Try to see the gowns in daylight

Bliss Studio benefits from a great deal of natural light but if you’re trying gowns on in back rooms or basements with poor lighting, ask to see your favourite gowns in natural light.  They can look quite different!

Bring shoes with your preferred heel height

This will help you determine how much alteration you’ll need to the hem of your gown. Alternatively, Bliss has a range of bridal shoes in a range of sizes and heel heights.  Ask to borrow a pair with the right heel height for you.

Move Around
Make sure you walk around a lot in the gowns.  Your wedding day isn’t the right time to find out you can’t dance in your dress!

Remember the Photos

Rather than choose a dress that’s the height of fashion, remember that you could be looking at your wedding photos 20, 30 or 40 years from now.  Classic styles tend to date less quickly and if you’d rather not be cringing later at your choice of gown, it’s worth giving that some thought!