Buy the Gown

Buying a gown from Bliss couldn't be simpler.  No waiting for the gown to arrive; no wondering if it will arrive on time or be the right size or colour.  The gown you try on is the gown you'll take away. Scroll down for some tips on choosing the perfect gown for you...

All Bliss Gowns are beautifully presented when leaving the studio.  We can supply you with packaging to ensure your gown stays perfect till your big day.

At Bliss you are welcome to pay your dress of in monthly instalments if you would prefer to. We ask for at least £100 every month towards your gown. Feel free to chat to us about this. We are happy to work with whichever option is best for you. Some brides choose to pay for their gown in full and take it away on the day. Others choose to pay it off and we store the gown for them until it is paid of.

Please note that as with all bridal shops, any alterations are charged separately.  Bliss Owner, Steph, has made wedding dresses for 20 years. So you will receive expert advice on which alterations your gown requires and a rough idea of cost before you purchase.

Below you'll find a selection of seamstresses we can highly recommend. Alterations are priced on the work needing done to each gown. A safe budget to allow for alterations in most bridal shops is £250. 



Resale Scheme

Most Bliss gowns will be eligible for our Resale Scheme (unless they were on our 'Sale Rail') so you can receive around 50% of the purchase price back on resale of your gown.  This means you can wear a top designer gown for just over a quarter of the original price!  As long as the gown is returned in resaleable condition and within the year that you purchases it,  Bliss will resell it for you and when it resells you receive 50% of what you paid at Bliss. That simple!




We recommend the following companies who provide excellent bridal alterations.  Prices vary so it's always worth phoning around for the best price!

EDINBURGH AREA                                               

Stephnie Anne
Website/Pricing Guide :

Gemma Sargeant


Studio 1.18, St. Margaret’s House
151 London Road

t: 07927119402

Sergio Tosoratti Couture & Tailors 
Tel: 0131 332 2550
26 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1HN

MiraS Tailoring & Alterations & Laundry

Tel: 07821 479695

110 Portobello High Street (5.43 mi)
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH15 1AL


Fashion Bride



Georgina Sheward - Bridal & Alterations Glasgow

Address: 22 Skirving Street, Glasgow, Glasgow, G41 3AA, United Kingdom


Tel: 07766414564

Trina Porter
Baba-C Designs, 134 Camphill Ave., Glasgow G41 3DT
Tel: 0141 636 6848
Website/Pricing Guide:

Alter Girls Glasgow
Tel: 0141 221 6741
The Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington Street (43.47 mi)
Glasgow, United Kingdom G3 8AZFacebook:

Miss B Alterations and Dressmaker
Tel: 07972 237087

10A Stonefield Road,(within Skin Deep) above Scotmid (37.22 mi)
Blantyre, South Lanarkshire G72 9PQ



Which Gown?

Know (and accept!) your own body shape

You may already have quite a defined idea of what kind of wedding dress you want, but try to be flexible.  That floaty Guinevere number might not just be the best gown to flatter your body shape.  Try on lots of different styles – you may be surprised what suits you best!

Many brides plan on losing lots of weight for their wedding.  Some do but many don’t.  Don't try to shoehorn yourself into a dress which might flatter the size you aim to be. If you buy a  dress that flatters the shape you already are, it can only look better if you’re a few pounds lighter!   If you do lose a few pounds with all the running around, most bridal gowns can easily be altered.

Bring someone whose opinion you trust

It can be fun to have a huge entourage to help you choose the dress.  But make sure your own thoughts and opinions aren’t drowned out by those of your friends and family.  They may not all necessarily agree!  Bring one or two trusted friends or relatives who know you well and understand what sort of event you’re planning.  If you’re unsure, Bliss staff will be happy to give you unbiased and considered advice.

If you’re making a day of it, you can easily get confused by the number of dresses you’ve tried on.  Get friends to take notes about the models you’ve tried on and what sort of features you did and didn’t like. You’ll very quickly see patterns which help you establish the right kind of dress for you.

Try to see the gowns in daylight

Bliss Studio benefits from a great deal of natural light but if you’re trying gowns on in back rooms or basements with poor lighting, ask to see your favourite gowns in natural light.  They can look quite different!

Bring shoes with your preferred heel height

This will help you determine how much alteration you’ll need to the hem of your gown. Alternatively, Bliss has a range of bridal shoes in a range of sizes and heel heights.  Ask to borrow a pair with the right heel height for you.

Move Around

Make sure you walk around a lot in the gowns.  Your wedding day isn’t the right time to find out you can’t dance in your dress! 

Remember the Photos

Rather than choose a dress that’s the height of fashion, remember that you could be looking at your wedding photos 20, 30 or 40 years from now.  Classic styles tend to date less quickly and if you’d rather not be cringing later at your choice of gown, it’s worth giving that some thought!