Q.  Will it cost me anything to place my gown for sale in Bliss?
A.  You will not be charged any fee for placing your gown with us.  When the gown sells you will receive 60% of the agreed resale price.

Q. Do I have to have my gown cleaned in advance?
A.  We can arrange cleaning for you at a very competitive cost.

Q. What does Bliss’s 40% commission cover?  
A.  We offer a beautiful, custom-designed studio, many hours of personal service to each bride, a full advertising programme (on and offline) to bring your gown to the attention of as many brides-to-be as possible and first-class preparation and packing of each gown once sold. All gowns are photographed and displayed on our website and out-of-town brides have the opportunity to purchase any gown online and have it shipped by us.

Q.  Do you accept gowns more than 2 years old?
A.   Generally no, but we will on occasion accept an older gown if the style is classic and hasn't dated.

Q.  What happens if my gown doesn’t sell?
A.  Because of the costs involved in displaying gowns – including retail space and insurance – we only accept gowns we think we have a good chance of selling.  If, however, your gown doesn’t sell, you simply collect it and no fees will be levied.

Q.  How long do you keep gowns for?
Generally we keep gowns for no longer than 3 months.  If, however, a gown is being tried on a lot we may agree to extend the period.

Q.  Do you accept bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories?
We accept bridal gowns and bridal accessories only.  Unfortunately we are unable to accept attire for bridesmaids.

Q.  Is there parking near the studio?
A.  There is plenty of parking in the immediate vicinity of the studio.  There’s on street parking round the corner on Elm Row and on Montgomery Street itself.  Parking is metered at around £1.20 per hour.  There is also plenty of parking space at the nearby St. James and Omni Centre multi-storey car parks.

Q.  Is the studio central and easy to find?  
A.  Bliss is located just a few minutes walk from the Playhouse Theatre, behind the St. James centre.    Full directions are available under ‘Contact’.

Q.  Do you offer a range of sizes for brides to try on?
A.  As many of our gowns are once-worn, they come in as big a range of sizes as women themselves!  So if you are smaller or larger than the average you’ll find there’s more than just a selection of size 12 samples to try.

Q.  Are the gowns in good condition?
A.  All our gowns leave the studio in immaculate condition.  Occasionally they may get a bit marked from trying on but once each gown is sold they receive a comprehensive clean and are packed in tissue and beautifully presented for the big day.

Q.  Can I buy accessories from you?
A.  We offer a full range of new and once-worn accessories at great prices as well as an excellent range of beautiful new bridal shoes by Meadows, all retailing at between £39 and £49. We also offer a full range of stunning bespoke accessories by multi award-winning designer Trina Porter.

Q.  Do I have to have an appointment?
A.  We aim to give every bride the best possible attention.  Therefore we prefer brides to make an appointment.  

Q.  What are your opening hours?
We’re open Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 5pm.