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Designer Gowns


Choose from a superb selection of immaculate sample and once-worn designer gowns at  affordable prices. 

Buying a gown from Bliss couldn't be simpler.  No waiting for the gown to arrive; no wondering if it will arrive on time or be the right size or colour.  The gown you try on is the gown you'll take away.

All Bliss gowns are immaculate and beautifully presented when leaving the studio.  Choose from up to 300 top designer gowns with a selection of once-worn designer accessories to complete your once-in-a-lifetime trousseau.

Read our story.

"From first introduction to the last time I stepped on the podium to try my gorgeously altered finished dress, Stephnie was just amazing. 

She had her shop heaving with a gaggle of insane hens while I tried on dresses and just made us feel so comfortable and embraced the madness! In subsequent visits we laughed, we cried and she transformed my dress into the dress of my dreams. 
I will be recommending her to absolutely EVERYONE I meet! 
Would give 50 stars if i could!"

- Robyn Sara Pirie


"I would highly recommend visiting Bliss Studio.

Steph is a lovely warm and kind person who clearly has decades of experience. She has a great selection of not only dresses, but bolero's, belts and hair accessories. Amazing to be able to get the experience of a high end boutique without the price tag."

- Rachel Sartain